About Laura

Let's Get Aquainted

After nearly ten years living and working downtown Washington, DC I moved to the west coast of the sunshine state with my now husband, Former Congressman David Jolly. Together we had made the decision to slow down our beltway pace of life and take more time to enjoy the beach, warmer climate, and spend time with family and friends. But as one of my dearest friends often quips, "God's plan B is better than our plan A."  So after about four months of moving our careers and belongings to the sweetest beach town of Indian Shores, FL, David had the opportunity to run for the United States Congress in a special election and we were back to the fast pace of politics.

As it turned out, our 2014 special election became one of the most expensive Congressional races in history at the time. In a matter of only five months an estimated dizzying $14M was spent. 

Needless to say, we are passionate about campaign finance reform after seeing the amount of time it takes to raise the obscene amount of money required to run for and stay in office. 

After winning his general election in March of 2014, we spent the next few years splitting our time commuting between Washington, DC and our home in Belleair Bluffs, FL as he served the people of the 13th District of Florida in the United States Congress. We were so richly blessed by the experience. We loved getting to know many different parts of our community, neighbors and organizations, as well as representing Pinellas County in Washington, DC. 

In 2016, after getting redistricted we lost our general election and returned home to Florida mostly fully time where I have enjoyed all that the warmer climate has to offer. With fewer political chicken dinners to attend, I finally have the time to try my hand at cooking, baking and growing a garden which I just adore.

With three Jolly dogs, (Huck, Junebug, and Moose) and the newest addition to the family, sweet Carolina Claire, who arrived on March 23, 2019, we do our best to live fully every day. So in our home you'll find that we've decided not to wait for holidays or special occasions to break out our family silver, and that ordering pizza is always an option. But what I hope you will find among these pages is the start of a Jolly lifestyle which is low key, approachable and above all things, festive in every season of life. 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and may you and yours always be jolly.